Special offer for Glider_it Customers!

We are glad to present a special agreement with our partner CNC-LUFTSPORTTECHNIK

You get 10% discount on the motorization to be purchased directly from CNC-LUFTSPORTTECHNIK!

You need only to show them a purchase proof of a Glider_it rc model suitable for EDF, purchased after 01 september 2021

CNC-LUFTSPORTTECHNIK is a Glider_it sales partner for Germany. They are a company specialized in sale of Hi-End products for Rc models and has also created special retractable EDF kits for some of our gliders:
The +Jet EDF kits starts from 80mm fan to 130mm, in the table below you will see the suggested kits for our models that can get this kind of motorization.

ASW15 80, 90 6,8,10,12
Bhyon 90, 100, 110 6,8,10,12,14
Stingray + EVO, Prismaray 80 6,8,10,12
Ventus 80, 90 6,8,10,12
Swift 3.2 80, 90, 100 6,8,10,12,14
An example of the tailor made mounting for the Glider_it Swift 3.2
In the Kit you will get also all the needs to install the EDF: Specific Wood EDF Mount for the purchased model and a Template for cutting the EDF opening in the fuselage. CNC-LUFTSPORTTECHICK can install all the equipment for you! Ask them a quote for the building service!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Glider_it don't sell or install EDF! Please contact directly CNC-LUFTSPORTTECHNIK for this purpose!