Bhyon 3.2

Designed by Giulio Cornia, the Bhyon becomes an enjoyable solution for those model aircraft enthusiasts who are looking for flying a full aerobatic program with a constant and relatively high speed in presence of soft wind conditions and thermals.

After adapting the original project to the needs of a molded production process, Glider_it’s Bhyon has a 3.2 meters wingspan and a thinner profile compared to the original one.

The latter combined with a generous wing surface gives to the model the perfect balance between speed and energy retention. Furthermore, thanks to a larger fuselage front section, an electric engine is easy to install.


Technical Data 

   Unit of Measure Value
Wing span: mm 3.200
Wing area: dm2 77 
Fuselage length: mm 1.600 
Weight (OD, glider config.): ∼kg 5,8
Weight (OD, extralight techn., glider config.): ∼kg 5,1 
Wing load (OD, extralight techn., glider config.): g/dm2 66
Wing airfoil: n/a Mod. HN 163 TA 

Technical Setup 

Suggested servos setup  Brand Type Max Thickness
elevator: KST  BLS651  20 mm 
rudder: KST  BLS651  20 mm 
ailerons: KST  X10  10 mm 
flaps: KST  X10  10 mm 


Suggested engine setup    
Battery cell: Lipo 5s
Battery capacity:  mAh 5.000
Controller:  Castle Edge lite, Ah 100
Motor:  Leomotion L4031-2550 finned 6,7:1 
FES*: -
Propeller:  Leomotion  Carbon propeller 18x13  

*Ask for more details.